Facet Joint Syndrome: The Economic Burden

One of the most common conditions we see here is back pain caused by facet joint syndrome. Which has an impact on patient’s functionality and inevitably participation in society.

Facet joint syndrome is pain caused by injury to the facet joints. A facet joint are synovial joints located between the vertebra of your spine and their function is to guide and limit movement of that spinal segment.

Injury to the facet joints can result in hypomobility or alternatively but less common hypermobility.

Spinal joint pain has had a great impact on the economy. Relating toincreased rates of absenteeism, reduced levels of productivity and Increased risk of leaving the labour market.

In Australia alone the number of absent workdays estimated to around $9.9 million annually and reduced effective workdays estimated to around $36.5 million per year.

Affect most productive years:

  • 40 workdays lost per year in UK / person
  • 1000000 consult their GP’s annually for LBP
  • 300000 referred to hospital (30%)
  • 30000 admitted (3%)
  • 5000 surgery (0.5%)

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