Logging Your Jogging

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Logging Your Jogging

It’s no secret that many runners find themselves hampered by injury when training for races or just jogging to keep the pounds off. Understanding why injuries occur is a complex topic with many variables, but how can you expect to be able to identify the cause of an injury when we can’t recall the distance, hills ran, fatigue score for each run, weights in gym sessions, and most importantly how much rest we are getting during a block of training.

Fitness takes a long time to build, and the research shows 18 weeks of steady training helps us to stay injury free. By logging your jogging, your running history is revealed and you can see how quick (or slow!) progressions are made. You may be thinking “that seems like so much effort”, but download a good smartphone app and all the work can be done for you.

Through identification of the cause of injury, rehabilitation to better than your past best is much more realistic and achievable.

Start LOGGING YOUR JOGGING and give yourself the best chance of staying injury free!

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