Orthotics Lab

Using our innovative diagnostic GaitScan device, we are able to analyse your biomechanics and order custom, podiatry made orthotic products.


With 4096 sensors and a scan rate of 300 frames per second, GaitScan™ is the industry leader in dynamic scanning capabilities.


This gives us the ability to assess your gait cycle with a static and dynamic scan. This gives us a wealth of information that cannot be obtained with the naked eye.


Over a million points of data are recorded, tracking minor flaws in your biomechanics and shedding light on issues that if left untreated, could develop into painful conditions over time.


The ability to take a dynamic scan allows us to analyse your feet in walking, not just when standing still. This gives us more information about your foot than a standard podiatry assessment and allows us to customise your orthotic more precisely.


Lastly, we have a range of different types of orthotic to suit your needs. These range from SafetyFlex orthotics for workboots, to custom RunFlex and SoccerFlex orthotics. Whatever your footwear needs, we have you covered.

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